Online personal training is much more affordable than in-person training. It also allows for convenient communication with your trainer, fits completely around your schedule, and utilizes an app to keep track of your workout and progress. It's a great way to workout with more confidence without making personal training a luxury.

Cedargrip works with Total Coaching, and the app is called My Online Coach. Through the app, I will be able to load and modify your workout. We will also be able to work together to set a schedule, track your progress, communicate with each other including feedback after your workouts, and you will have the option of tracking your food intake.

Absolutely! However, in-person training is only available in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada and surrounding area. It can take place in my gym or at the client's house.

You'll have access to an app with an exercise library to help you with your form. You'll also have the option to send me a video of yourself performing the exercise to we can work together to make sure your form is the best that it can be.

Definitely not. I can create a workout for you whether you'll be working out from home with a pair of dumbbells, outside with no gear, or in a gym with little equipment.

No problem. We can communicate through email and PDF files. Be sure to let me know after you've filled out the client questionnaire or send me an email at sonnynaim@cedargrip.com.

Not at the moment. In an effort to stay within my scope of practice as a Personal Trainer, and with respect to Registered Dieticians, I cannot legally write you out a meal plan. However, I can make suggestions (such as calorie intake, macro breakdowns, meal and snack options, recipe ideas) and you can choose to modify your diet as you see fit. I am always more than happy to help where I can, and please never hesitate to ask.

No problem! We will work together to modify your program and find an exercise that works best for you.

Absolutely not. While I recommend you take progress pics and send them in, there will be no pressure to do so.

Cedargrip offers a 14-day money back guarantee on personal training services and apparel.

Have a question not answered here? Send me an e-mail at info@cedargrip.com or get in touch here